Aug 31, 2008

Has Mr Henry Been Telling The Full Truth? And Some More Questions Heather Roy and National Might Like To Ask The PM On Thursday

Page A6 of today's Sunday Star Times should be essential reading. Yes, we know that the Editor has helped many of us save on toilet paper, but she has allowed an extremely damaging article to slip through. It is by The Independent's Denise McNabb. Was the $100,000 K from Glenn really intended "to assist funding the legal costs incurred personally by Rt Hon Winston Peters concerning his election petition dispute" as he told the privileges committee or was it originally intended for use elsewhere. Have a read and see what you think. We can't find a copy on line but someone else might be able to track it down if you can't bear to by the paper (actually the whole paper this week is good apart from the Editorial and who cares about that. She will soon be working for the Labour legal spin machine).

We will also raise another question which McNabb doesn't quite pursue far enough

"At the time Henry told The Independent the motivation was to take ACT out of Parliament completely.

It was unclear whether he was referring to NZ First's or Labour's motivation.

Peters' petition [a petition planned against Hide in Epsom], if successful, would have shored up party numbers for Labour."

Now if Labour and NZ First were in cahoots as far back as 28 October 2005 might this explain a few things. Why Glenn was approached when he was, who suggested to Glenn that he might like to give $100 k to NZ First, why it was suggested, and why Peters has been able to hang on for so long. Does he have as much on someone else as we all have on him?????