Aug 29, 2008

This Is Still About Scampi

Just a word of advice. You will see over the next few days a concerted attempt by Mr Peters and his lawyers to keep the focus of this enquiry narrow.

So we draw your attention to the wording of the SFO's announcement on this enquiry

I have decided on the information currently available that I do not have a basis for using statutory powers to inquire into allegations that Mr Glenn's donation was misapplied or that there was an attempt corruptly to influence the Primary Production Select Committee that inquired into allegations of corruption in the Ministry of Fisheries in relation to scampi quota in 2003. It is possible that the investigation I have authorised might be broadened at some later time and these other matters inquired into as a result of whatever information comes to light in the course of the investigation about to commence," Mr Liddell said.

We have bolded the relevant section. This inquiry and all the controversy is actually about scampi quota, MFish plans to introduce this quota, a Parliamentary enquiry that was launched at the request of a member and then shut down by that same member. There is considerable information already in the hands of the SFO. It will be interesting to see what else comes to light now the books are being opened. Do not expect the SFO to be content to see limited amounts of information such as one off bank statements. Remember deep throat's advice during the early stages of the Watergate investigation - follow the money. This is what the SFO is intending to do. All the bluster, bullying and spin from one side will be designed to stop this trail being followed. It is going to be an interesting few weeks.