Aug 24, 2008

Thank You Sunday Star Times

One of the things New Zealand has been lacking is a partisan media. WE enjoy being able to read or browse a US newspaper site or a UK news site so that we can get an appreciation for the views of one or other of the major political parties. In New Zealand one is never too sure whether a paper is overtly supporting one side or another - until today.

First the Editorial in today's SST "Clark's strength, experience serve us well".

It concludes "National has nobody like Helen Clark"

Then there is Rod Oram "If the ETS fails to pass in this parliament, National is widely optimistic to suggest it could pass its own legislation within nine months of taking office"

"Thus National's jockeying over the bill for short term political advantage at home will come at a very high cost of long-term disadvantage for those crucial two sectors [ag and forestry] internationally".