Aug 29, 2008

Greens Party To Ultimate Corruption

We are amazed that this is passing below the radar screen. The revised ETS contains an enormous new subsidy for the fishing industry. This was, surprise, surprise negotiated by NZ First (Winston looks after his funders).

The link with Winston's funders is bad enough but the inconsistency with our position in international negotiations, a position supported by the Greens and Greenpeace, WWF etc. is incredible. Fish subsidies are the direct cause of over fishing. We are opposed to any subsidisation of this industry. The original ETS has no subsidy going to the Fishing Industry. Now they get 50% free allocation. This is an outrage. The Greens should be opposing this policy strenuously. Or are the Greens not real Greens???

What leaves a particularly bad taste in our mouths is the scampi industry. The scandal here is all about how quota has been allocated - to whom and at what level. There seems little doubt that the resource has been over fished. Too much scampi has been taken from our waters so there has been a big policy failure. We won't go into who has been doing the overfishing, but we are ashamed that these same people are now about to receive such a large wealth transfer from the Crown, simply because Winston peters wanted to make them happier.

Come on Frog and friends - what are you going to do about this????