Apr 28, 2008

Williams Impoverished By Labour Presidency?

Yeah right!

Like many we raised an eyebrow when we read Michele Hewitson's interview with Mike Williams.

He made, by the way, a lot of money from his direct marketing company and so is surely, I said, "a rich prick" like John Key. "Not any more," he said, "I've been working for the Labour Party for 10 years." He gets $25,000 a year and gives it all back one way or another. He buys a lot of raffle tickets.

We are therefore indebted to David Farrar for doing an in depth analysis of the extent to which Williams has had his nose in the Government trough since Labour took power

And what does Mike get as a Director for each:
GNS - $21,000
Genesis - $333,000/9 = $37,000 approx (maybe more as now Deputy Chair)
ARTA - $35,000
Transit - $25,000
Waitakere Enterprise - $65,110/5 = $13,000 approx
Ontrack - $26,000
NW Airport - fees unknown

We make this recent misstep #4. Bye bye Mike. Hi Andrew...........