Apr 23, 2008

An Honourable Cullen Would Have Resigned Today

Remember back a few weeks? Michael Cullen tells the media that National's suggested policy for strategic assets was a non started because it would be a breach of several treaty commitments? We now know that Dr Cullen was in receipt of advice from officials advising that his own policy was in breach of several international treaties. Why would it be impossible for National to breach these treaties but possible for Labour to breach them also? What is worse is that National was only talking about possible policy. Labour has enacted its policy. We are dealing with an actual breach here. We have broken international law. New Zealand's international credibility is at stake here. If Cullen were an honourable person he would resign. If he doesn't then this is only going to be fodder for the opposition. The Minister of Finance has no credibility now. For New Zealand's sake and for Labour's sake it is time to go.