Apr 22, 2008

National's Broadband Policy

Key's speech

Rod Drury's account

David Farrar's account

The Inquiring Mind is leaving us dangling but it is great to see Adam eating for blogosphere

The Hive welcomes this policy initiative and looks forward to other parties matching, if not improving on this proposal. We see better broadband as essential to our economic future and to improving our productivity growth rate. Better productivity growth=higher wages.

Update Adam gives us his account plus a review of the food and wine at today's lunch on The Inquiring Mind. For the record we prefer the food and wine at level 28 Majestic Centre to Te Papa. The view is also one of the best in New Zealand. Adam's comments on John Key, the person are also worth reading.

We have also been struck by TV3's attempt to sensationalise and try and create a focus on alleged policy flip-flops as opposed to analysing the potential impact of this policy announcement.