Apr 30, 2008

John Armstrong Interprets The Poll

John Armstrong, who will be somewhat concerned about the fact that his recent analysis has been disproved by the latest poll result, tries to interpret the Herald DigiPoll in a way that doesn't make his recent articles look absolutely stupid

The party's frustration is that this has happened after a sustained period when the Labour-led minority Government had been functioning more effectively than it has for quite some time, give or take the odd distraction.

But there has been no payoff in the polls. Sometimes a mood shift in the electorate can take time to register in the polls. Labour will be praying that this is the case. But that is really clutching at straws.

His analysis of the NZ First dilemma is similar to The Hive's

NZ First's waving of the flag of economic nationalism combined with an injudicious bit of Asian-bashing has done nothing to lift its stocks.

Winston Peters' party is registering at a paltry 1.5 per cent.