Apr 22, 2008

US Politics: Time To Heal The Democrat Feud?

We will know the result of the much heralded Pennsylvania primary in a matter of hours. The equation is simple - if Clinton wins by over 10 then the momentum swings her way a bit and she still has a real chance, if she wins by less than 10 nothing much will have changed, the advantage will still be with Obama but there will be stalemate, and if Obama wins it is probably lights out for Clinton. The latest poll averages suggest a Clinton win by 7, which means essentially a continuation of the current stalemate, and more blood letting within the Party.

Party elders are rightly worried about this so there is increasing talk about brokering a deal which would see Obama and Clinton forming a joint ticket - the so called dream team. The link takes you to a New York Times analysis of this issue and points out its major flaw - neither Clinton nor Obama like the idea. The electoral implications are complicated also.