Apr 21, 2008

Even A Wally Can Tell That F&P Did Not Close Because Of The China FTA

John Walley, representative of a strange mix of dinosaur manufacturers largely based in Christchurch, has issued a statement on the F&P closure.

What interests us here at The Hive is the failure of most to recognise the real hypocrisy in the F&P criticism of the Thailand FTA. Where did F&P first move to when they decided to begin manufacturing outside of Australia and NZ? Thailand. Why? So they could import to Australia and New Zealand duty free (both Australia and New Zealaand had FTAs with Thailand). It is a bit like Winston Peters denying MFAT money when he was Treasurer - forcing MFAT to withdraw the posts in Brisbane and Melbourne, and now crowing over the fact that he has just given the money back now he is the Foreign Minister.