Mar 14, 2008

NZ First To Support China FTA Deal?

Also from the exchange reported below was this:

Keith Locke: When the Minister refers to economic relationships is it the case that his failure to specify any human rights violations in China and to speak out publicly against them has something to do with him as the Minister being muzzled by the Government in its pursuit of a free-trade agreement with China?

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS: Of all the terrible rumours about Winston Peters, none of them has been about me being muzzled. The fact is we acknowledge that economic reforms in China and a freer trading environment have lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese above the poverty line. But there are examples of human rights not having progressed at the same pace, and we have consistently, always, encouraged the Chinese Government to do better.

Does this indicate support for the deal?

And what are these terrible rumours Winston? We only hear good ones!