Mar 20, 2008

Douglas Productivity Prescription Rejected By John Key

Well ACT supporters now have a clear choice.

At The Hive we are non-partisan, and simply rate policy against likely outcomes. There is no doubt that the Douglas prescription would boost productivity growth. But as Key reminds us - whole sale cuts to the public service, education vouchers and health privatisation may not have mainstream support.

So how is this for an idea - benchmarking the public service.

Lets look around those companies with multiple clients who are regarded as good service suppliers. Then lets compare levels of service and staff numbers from these companies with state entities - health, education, social development etc and compare the difference.

Vodafone, would be an interesting place to start. They actually might have more clients than the biggest Government agencies. What is their staff? Does anyone have major complaints about the level of service offered by Vodafone?