Mar 16, 2008

Chris Trotter on Key

Chris Trotter has joined the long list of people advising John Key to learn to keep his mouth shut when he is unprepared.

Poor old National Party, it must realise by now that its Key Problem is only going to get worse. How is this guy going to explain the party's policies without a cheat-sheet? Even more worrying, how's he going to perform when pitted against Helen Clark in the leaders' debates?
And that's the other half of my story about THAT girl.

When the beautiful vision turned out to have nothing to say, I'd suddenly notice the OTHER girl. A little plain, perhaps, and definitely sartorially challenged (what's with that tartan skirt?!) but, striking up a conversation, in just a few seconds, I'd be locked in the best discussion of the entire evening.

And, as the hours passed, and my wine bottle emptied, it slowly dawned on me that the OTHER girl really wasn't so plain. In fact, Ms Tartan Skirt was beginning to look quite sexy.

What is unclear to The Hive from the above is whether Chris Trotter is seeking to build bridges to or to hit on the PM?