Jan 4, 2008

Thanks Otago Researchers - Just What The World Needed To Know

The NZ Herald carries the conclusions of research done by two Otago University researchers. This would appear to be , on the surface, a little unhelpful to our biggest export industry.

"Carbon emissions from visitors' air travel to New Zealand equal total emissions from the country's coal, gas and oil-fired power generation, say University of Otago scientists."

Given that most University research is Government funded, we wonder why some coordination is not being undertaken on what topics are researched in the carbon footprint area. This is area is deeply sensitive. Even a small swing in sentiment, in a market such as the UK, could have a big impact here. The ODT article on this research refers to it being based on "an accepted UK emissions formula" . The Hive understands that there is no accepted formula but one is being worked out, and that New Zealand has been invited by the UK Government to participate in this work. In New Zealand, there is a group of Government, academic and private sector interests, under the leadership of MFAT doing work in this space. Did the Otago researchers work with this group on their research? These are all questions that should have been asked by the journalists writing this up.

By the way, UK electricity generation in 2% renewable. New Zealand is 70%. All the more reason for UK tourists to visit here. We have no reason for guilt here. We don't need to show leadership. We are already world leaders. Why don't we say so more often?? Read this for the reason.