Jan 4, 2008

Energy Saving Lightbulbs - Shock Migrane Link

From Today's NZ Herald

Energy-saving light bulbs can trigger migraines, claim British campaigners.
The Migraine Action Association said some of its members alleged the fluorescent bulbs had brought on attacks.
By 2011, Britain will be the first European country to phase out traditional bulbs as part of a strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
The MAA is calling on the Government to avoid a complete ban on old-style bulbs to cater for people with health problems.
Last night New Zealand's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority chief executive, Mike Underhill, said he was not aware of any research linking energy efficient light bulbs with migraines. "These compact fluorescents are just the same as the traditional [tube] office lights. The fluorescent light isn't a new thing. What is new is to be able to make them in a small twisty, twirly form that you can put in ordinary light sockets."