Jan 4, 2008

Chris Trotter On Nandor's Future

Chris Trotter in today's Otago Daily Times and Dominion Post writes about the rumoured early exit from Parliament by Nandor Tanczos (to allow Green co-leader Russel Norman) a seat in parliament and therefore more profile prior to the election. Trotter, sees this move as potentially positive as it would allow Labour and the Greens more scope to enter a formal coalition. Trotter argues that the reason why this has not yet happened is because of Nandor's association with, and views on, cannabis. The Hive thinks that this is a very superficial analysis. The Green's far left views on economic policy were probably more to blame. However, if Trotter is correct, this will mean that a vote for Labour at the next election will be a vote for the Greens in Government.