Jan 5, 2008

Taiwan: New Zealand Not Only Country To Reject Parris Chang

According to Pansy Wong, Peter Dunne and some others close to or from the New Zealand Taiwan community, New Zealand demonstrated a couple of years ago the extent to which it has allowed its foreign policy to be dictated by Beijing by rejecting Taiwan's nominee as the next representative in New Zealand. Taiwan wanted to send a well known former parliamentarian and former Deputy Secretary-General of the National Security Council Parris Chang. But New Zealand said no. Too controversial (too much associated with pro-Taiwan independence views). The Hive is unaware of this ever happening before in New Zealand. The move received no (not that we saw anyway) media time, at the time, in New Zealand.

According to a report we read today from Taipei it seems that Chang has been rejected by Ireland as well.

The same report confirms the news we posted recently about plans for Taiwan to send an aboriginal as it next representative in Fiji.