Jan 10, 2008

Any Action On Saudi Blogger Fouad Al-Farhan ?

Since the rush of activity earlier in the week and the assurance by Jim Anderton that he would be seeking more information on the detention of Fouad Al-Farhan we can find no further indications of New Zealand Government action on this case. If we were not so busy we would call either of the following contacts to ask what is happening. If we were a journalist we would then report what we had been told (as opposed to the NZ Herald's approach to this issue which was to run a Reuters article in the Technology section, without any NZ angle to the story. The following would be who we would phone or e-mail:

MFAT Media duty phone: 021-375105
MFAT media contact Emma Reilly (Media Adviser) emma.reilly@mfat.govt.nz Ph: +64 4 439 8777

or Mr Peters' media minder:

James Funnell Press Secretary james.funnell@parliament.govt.nz Ph: +64 4 471 9710