Jan 10, 2008

NZ China Friendship Society And Communism

Oliver Woods from Quest for Security (yes they like reading Sutch) sent us an e-mail a couple of days ago advising that a link had been established between Quest For Security and The Hive. So we have a bit of a read of Quest for Security. There was some content we did not agree with but one that we did was a post taking on Trevor Loudon for calling the New Zealand China Friendship Society a "communist front". Members of The Hive team have had many years of association with the NZ China Friendship Society. They know many of the leading players of the Society. While there has been association by 'communists' - mainly WCL - and other Maoists in the Society in the past, it is totally untrue to call the Society a "communist front". Trevor Louden should spend more time on the Urewera 17 and links between these people and groups outside NZ (we would be particularly interested if any links could be found between Cuba, Libya or Venezuela). The NZ China Friendship Society is harmless. It is not objective on China, but then it is not meant to be. It is all about promoting links with China. It has no hidden political agenda. Thank you Oliver for spotting this.