Jul 24, 2008

Yet Another Undeclared Donation

Why was Bob Jones' $25 K not declared? You really have to cut the ties Helen. This could bring you down.

Winston Peters faces mounting pressure over undeclared NZ First donations amid revelations that Sir Robert Jones gave the party $25,000 — which was banked into a trust administered by Mr Peters’ brother.
An investigation by The Dominion Post has learnt from NZ First sources that property magnate Sir Robert gave money to Mr Peters to help fund the party.
The $25,000 donation has not been declared to election officials.
It is understood the cheque went to the Spencer Trust, which a NZ First source has described as secretive. Its identity was known to only a handful of party MPs, officials or supporters. Money sourced from the Spencer Trust had been used sometimes to pay NZ First’s bills, the source said.
The Dominion Post has learnt that Sir Robert gave the money to Mr Peters a month before the 2005 election.
The Electoral Commission has confirmed it has no record of NZ First declaring a $25,000 donation from Sir Robert, any of his companies, or from the Spencer Trust in 2005 or in later years.
Mr Peters’ brother Wayne administered the Spencer Trust.
When contacted yesterday, Sir Robert said he was making his own inquiries with NZ First officials and would not comment further at this stage.
The latest revelations add to growing controversy about Mr Peters and unanswered questions about donations to NZ First.