Jul 29, 2008

Supporting Winston Bad For Labour

We told you so. The latest Herald DigiPoll is a disaster for Labour

National has widened its lead in this month's Herald-DigiPoll survey, recording its highest support in a year, while Labour has dropped to just above 30 per cent with the election no more than 3 1/2 months away.
The poll is the first to be completed since New Zealand First leader Winston Peters became embroiled in fund-raising controversies, but his party has gained slightly and his personal rating has dropped only marginally.
National leads Labour by 24.6 percentage points - reversing signs of a Government comeback in other polls.
National has risen half a percentage point since June to 55.4 per cent support, while Labour has dropped 1.6 points to 30.8.
The only other party to get across the crucial 5 per cent threshold to enter Parliament is the Greens, with 5.5 per cent. But New Zealand First, at 4.1 per cent, is edging closer.