Jul 16, 2008

Dominion Post On Peters/Glenn

The Dominion Post has a look at the Glenn relaationship with Peters. It seems that Aussie journalists are getting in the on the act too

Mr Peters has reacted angrily to the claims and lashed out at journalists who asked about them during a short visit to Fiji to encourage a return to democracy.
Asked by an Australian reporter if he would resign if it was proven that Mr Glenn had donated to his party, Mr Peters lost his temper.
"Listen sunshine, where are you from? We don't deal with hypotheticals in this business, we deal with the facts. There are the blunt facts. I've asked [the Herald] to put up or shut up and I notice they can't. Thank you," he said before storming off.
Prime Minister Helen Clark has come under renewed pressure to confront Mr Peters about his dealings with Mr Glenn after the letter was leaked, but continues to insist it is none of her business.
National leader John Key has said she should question Mr Peters about whether NZ First received cash from Mr Glenn because as foreign affairs minister he influenced appointments.
Miss Clark revealed yesterday she had spoken to Mr Peters about the claims, and he had told her they were untrue. She refused to take the matter further.