Jul 22, 2008

TV3's Duncan Garner Agrees With The Hive

Peters should resign. This from Duncan's new blog

Clark should break her silence. Arguably, the Owen Glenn donation also breaks the rules set out in the Cabinet Manual.
Auditor General Kevin Brady should investigate Peters. He's nailed Labour before. He's got the guts to nail Peters. The IRD should look at the tax status of the donation. The Privileges Committee should start its kangaroo court - at least it would provide some theatre.
Peters may have used up his nine lives. He voted to end secret and covert funding - yet took it on the side. Indeed, it was so secret, we're meant to believe he didn't even know.
He should resign. The saga is a disgrace. And on his way out he should apologise to the NZ Herald Political Editor Audrey Young who broke the story. But don't hold your breath. There's more chance of Peters working in a multi-party coalition with Jeanette Fitzsimons as Prime Minister, Tariana Turia as her deputy and Jim Anderton as Foreign Minister.