Jun 1, 2008

Grahame Sydney Nuclear Crusader

We are a great fan of Grahame Sydney's art. We can't afford any of his painting but we think that Rozzie At Pisa must be one of the greatest ever works of New Zealand art.

Because of this appreciation of his art, and because we know he is friendly with Anton Oliver who is seen as having a possible political future we have been monitoring the anti-windfarm campaign that Sydney and others are running. Today, we note that David Kirk has joined the group.

What interests us also is Sydney's willingness to see New Zealand embrace nuclear power, a concept that seems to be enjoying growing support amongst the public. If we get the chance to talk to Sydney we will ask him ourselves, but if there are any journalists reading, and if you are speaking to Sydney anytime soon, could you ask where Sydney would want these nuclear power stations built? The obvious place would be very close to Auckland, thus reducing the cost and inefficiencies created by long distance transmission. But lets say that there was a good reason to build a station at St. Bathans, using the ready water supply of the lake there as part of the process. Would Sydney support nuclear power?