Jan 11, 2008

US Political Update - Things Looking Up For Hillary? McCain Looking Strong

Richardson's withdrawal from the Presidential nomination race has come as no surprise given his poor showing in both Iowa and New Hampshire. He was expected to do well with Hispanics in the upcoming Nevada caucuses. His vote is most likely to go Clinton's way. Obama people are claiming a big boost from the endorsement of John Kerry. We think not. More like a kiss of death. The New York Times Patrick Healy has done more analysis of the Clinton win in new Hampshire and like The Hive sees that teary eyed exchange with a New Hampshire voter as the turning point.

Getting a current fix on the state of opinion in Michigan is proving a little challenging. This Strategic Vision poll taken before New Hampshire is showing things looking good for McCain. Another poll shows him in third place. If McCain romps home by a big margin in Michigan, Romney will have real soul searching to do. McCain also appears to be doing well in South Carolina according to a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll.