Jan 8, 2008

Taiwan Watch: First Malawi Now Marshall Islands - Allies Looking Shaky

The Marshall Islands has a new President Litokwa Tomeing. Tomeing had earlier vowed to cease recognising Taiwan diplomatically and adopt a one China policy, bringing his country into line with most other countries.

Taiwan officials had accused China of interfering in recent elections by funnelling money through local businessmen to opposition candidates.

Taiwan's Foreign Ministry is, however, putting on a brave face and is claiming that there will be no change in recognition.

The Hive would like to know whether the allegations of Chinese funding of political candidates in the Marshall Islands elections has any substance. We assume that New Zealand and Australia will be objecting strongly should there be any support for these allegations. Likewise we hope that Taiwan has not been doing any candidate funding either. If such a practice were to be allowed to go unchecked in other Pacific countries, who is to say it won't be a problem that spreads into New Zealand or Australia?