Jan 5, 2008

NZ Blog Rankings

Tumeke! has set up a great new blog to rank the NZ Blogsites.

We are great believers in benchmarking in the business world. We have been using Technorati as a bit of guide since we got started at the end of November, but this new site looks a much better tool. At present we are outside the top 100, but this is due to so little being known about us. We actually think we are doing pretty well according to the criteria being used.

For the record - and we will keep readers updated, here are a few of our metrics:

Current weekly Alexa Traffic Ranking NZ Rank 6,526 Global Rank 2,245,730

Average daily unique visitors: 90 (including holidays) average over the past 7 days

Technorati rank: 1,212,405 Authorities 6 (we know this is about to increase, Technorati are a bit behind)

We don't know our The Truth Laid Bear score: But lets guess 6

Average number of weekly posts: 43 (since we started 5 weeks ago)

So using the Tumeke! formula we would be 90+6+6+43=145

That would put The Hive in the top 40. More work to do, but not a bad start.