Jan 10, 2008

Future Director-General Of The ILO?

This photo dates from 7 June 2004. The Prime Minister is signing the visitor book at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva.
The term of the ILO Director-General expires late this year and a new D-G needs to be chosen by December.
The perfect job for Helen Clark? Maybe not perfect, but it would be pretty good. Hubby could land a pretty good job with the WHO, also based in Geneva. Lots of mountains to climb. The salary is good, and this could be a good stepping stone for higher office in other UN organisations, WHO or maybe, should there be a crisis, the UN Secretary-General.
The PM will tell any journalist who asks her about this that this is pure fiction. The Hive knows that this is not pure fiction and that the PM has had at least one discussion on the possibility with one of the most senior New Zealanders employed by the ILO (currently representing the ILO in a Southeast Asian country with a poor record on labour standards).
Is there another potential candidate with as high a profile? Not that we know of.
Let's say we have a November 15 election. Will there be enough time for Helen to run? Possibly not. But if we have an October or earlier election, and if there is a convincing win to National, this is a distinct possibility. Likewise, if we have a change of Labour leader before the election this would be a very real possibility.
Will National sponsor her? Of course. Likewise CTU and Business New Zealand (who also represent NZ interests at the ILO will be strongly supportive.
Why is the NZ media not digging??