Dec 3, 2007

Trouble For Government Climate Change Bill?

The Hive posted earlier today, then removed, a rumour of a delay in the tabling of the Government's climate change Bill. Another source said that the rumours were false, but as of 9.30pm The Hive team have yet to see the Bill. If it is not tabled by early tomorrow, the Government is going to have fun meeting the proposed timeline for getting the Bill to select committee and to start the submissions process before the Christmas recess. Maybe the Government doesn't want too informed a discussion at tomorrow's Climate Change Leadership Forum meeting at Villa Maria in Auckland. Or might the troubles that David Parker has caused be taking their toll on his reputation on the 9th floor? Or is the Government not wanting Trevor Mallard's mauling in Parliament - following close on the heels of his star appearance in court today- to overshadow the proposed centrepiece of the Government's re-election campaign?

The Hive's view is that the Government would be wise to delay the introduction of the Bill. The PM should suggest to Rudd that we work together on an emmissions trading regime. This will reduce the chances of NZ industry leaving home. At present we are proposing to move ahead of all our trading partners.