Sep 20, 2008

Damp Squid

So we expose the fact that a senior Cabinet Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and a former Deputy PM, fails to follow Cabinet Manual procedures, misleads the PM in a submission, compromises his ability to perform his functions properly at his next port of call (these are all facts here), and it is called a damp squid???? Shows how much our politics has degenerated in the last few years. No one cares about seeing the receipts to find out when the tax payer money was paid back (we assume it wasn't given to charity....), no one wants to confirm that there were no accompanying officials, and if there were, that Winston paid back the costs of having this support for a private visit, no one wants to find out what the cost of the tickets to the boxing match were, or when those costs were refunded to Winston's kind benefactor. Its OK, that's just Winston. He's now above the law.

In some ways we don't care if he gets back in. Some of our readership deserve having this corrupt shit in our Parliament for three more years.

And yes, we are in a bad mood.