Sep 24, 2008

Rumblings Inside The Labour Team

It is fitting that our 2,700th post is devoted to some encouraging news. It comes from Roar Prawn. It develops a theme we began earlier today (and confirms two of the names that we have been hearing also) - upset within the Labour part of the Axis about the formation of the Labour First Axis. We quote most of the post because it is very interesting:

No sooner had the prawns put up the the post on Shane Jones being shitty with the lack on integrity in Labours ranks than the email and and phones went crazy.....sBugger me - the finks in labour are ratting out their bosses in the hopes that National will employ them when they get in.. It's understandable in the land of mortages nappies and lattes.So add to a disgruntled Shane Jones,
A gobsmacked Lianne Dalziel ( remember she is a lawyer and it wont pass her test)
Phil Goff - the man most respected by National - because, well he is centre right. And he has integrity.
And Damien O'Connor. He got demoted for being a dork to a list place that means he's gonna have a tough job getting back in even if Labour wins... So he gets to watch peters who is a dishonest deceptive lying dork get all the protection Clark can give him.. So he is "spewing" according to my source ....

The Busted Blonde goes on to mention the "coup" word. We are not too sure, but the knives sure are being sharpened for the post election period.

In commenting on our earlier post BB also made this blog entry, which again is worthy of a quote:

Yes, Apparently my Maori sources say that Jones is really whakama ( embarrassed ) about his party and how it is fawning over Winston - Remember Mr Jones was a Maori Fisheries Commissioner for well over a decade and he knows where many of the bodies are buried and its not at sea.. He has been talking privately about how disgusted he is about having to support Winston . He had the chance to become a National MP -( Shane is very centre right) but chose Labour - Bloody shame really.