Sep 23, 2008

Plunkett Confirms That He Is Leaving RNZ

And we don't blame him.

The Herald reports that Sean Plunkett has confirmed the news that was broken by Roar Prawn and The Hive over the weekend that he is looking for new employment.

Radio New Zealand's Morning Report host Sean Plunket says he is "moving on and looking for a new job" after 11 years with state radio.
Radio New Zealand insiders said that difficult relations with RNZ boss Peter Cavanagh had come to a head when the CEO banned him from hosting tonight's pre-election debate about the internet on TVNZ 7 Freeview.
Political commentators typically swap around media for special shows in the run-up to elections.
But an insider said that the row went beyond that and on to plans for Plunket.
"They want him to be the new Geoff," said the source.
Plunket's co-host Geoff Robinson is expected to move on soon.
Plunket - who is arguably New Zealand's toughest broadcasting interviewer and famous for taking politicians to task - said that after 11 years he was looking for a role that had a new spark. He had not resigned yet.
"I'm putting my portfolio together and I'll be taking my time," he said.
TVNZ 7, a digital information channel available on Freeview, confirmed that Plunket pulled out of hosting tonight's internet debate suddenly at the weekend.