Sep 26, 2008

Poneke On The Bus Dispute

Poneke has a very interesting post up today based on feedback he has received from a Go Wellington driver. The comments on Union Boss Nick Kelly are most revealing

The general public also need to get all their facts straight as the media and the union hasn’t been putting the correct facts out there. I voted in favour of the deal and think the rest of the driving staff are idiots, especially since they look up to Nick Kelly.
Nick Kelly has never done anything for them. He doesn’t even try to get to know them. He comes in for his break at 11am and you never see him until 3pm when he goes out again. Never stops to talk to anyone. He’s only in it for his own personal gain. I for one will be resigning from the Tramways Union. Phil Griffiths
[the former union secretary, who died in June] would have never let it all pan out the way it ended up panning out at such an early stage.

Remember that the Standard and Frogblog both supported the Tramways Union action.