Sep 29, 2008

Peter Brown To Go Home?

The NZ Herald has an article on a debate between candidates on immigration held in Auckland over the weekend. One of The Hive's correspondents was at this meeting. The Hive was there to both monitor what NZ First had to say and also assess the performance of Labour candidate Dr Rajen Prasad (The Hive is now hugely supportive of the decision by Labour to include Prasad in its team and encourages his rapid promotion).

But Peter Brown delivered the goods we were expecting. We quote from the NZ Herald

New Zealand First says it will not welcome immigrants if they come from societies with a "class system" or where women are treated as subservient to men.
Deputy leader Peter Brown, an immigrant from England, told a crowd of mainly refugees and immigrants at a political debate in Mt Albert yesterday that New Zealand was an "egalitarian society" and those who could not integrate were not welcome.
In this country "Jack is as good as his master, and Jack's wife is as good as Jack", he said and suggested that under New Zealand First's immigration policy, those who could not accept this would not be wanted.
Mr Brown was speaking to a crowd who packed the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall yesterday to listen to eight political parties debate immigration and say how their party would support migrants and refugees.
Many in the crowd were seen shaking their heads with disapproval at Mr Brown's suggestions, with some - such as refugee Mohd Faisel Daud - leaving the hall.
Mr Daud said: "I still don't know who I will vote for, but after listening to Mr Brown, at least I know who I will not be voting for."

We asume that Mr Brown will be heading back to the UK pretty soon after the election given that, coming from a society with a "class system" he is not welcome by his own party.