Jun 13, 2008

Yesterday's Trans-Tasman: The Bad Odour Of Defeat

Yesterday's Trans Tasman was one of the more interesting reads in a while. If you are not subscribing you should be.

A couple of disturbing articles on the front page - a call for Government to get real on electricity and govern and an expose on the extent to which Rudd is only paying lip service to New Zealand. TT says that while important countries in the region were sounded out on Rudd's [stupid] idea for an Asian Pacific Community, New Zealand was not. There is a good look at whether the ETS will pass Parliament [in some ways we hope the Government does get NZ First to support the bill as it will mean the end of NZ First as a force in NZ politics - wouldn't wrecking the economy be a small price to pay??]. There are two articles on post election coalitions for National including one starting "The bad odour of pending electoral defeat may be hanging around the Labour-led coalition, though defeat is not a word to be uttered in the presence of Helen Clark. However other political leaders have sniffed the breeze,". The war between the Reserve Bank and NZX over financial settlement systems is analysed. Finally TT does a review of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This raises very serious issues over the management of NZ AID, staff size and salary levels.