Jun 14, 2008

Trotter And The NZ Taleban

Firstly can we just declare ourselves here - we believe firmly in a woman's right to chose.

But if Trotter is suggesting that an incoming National Government is likely to succumb to pressure from the anti-abortion lobby then we think he has overstepped the mark. We follow such issues very closely and have seen no sign of a move within the National caucus on this issue. Ok there will be a number of Catholics in prominent positions in the next Government eg Bill (I send my daughter to Marsden, a well known Anglican School) English, and Chris (I am an urban liberal) Finlayson, but this doesn't cause us on jot of concern on the abortion issue.

Meanwhile we recommend posts from the ex-expat (have you though about ACT if you can't bring yourself to vote National? Their health policy would mean that you would get that op according to or reading) and the Inquiring Mind on this subject.

Nice try Chris but the urban liberals have deserted Labour in both Auckland and Wellington and this type of scare mongering ain't going to win them back to the cause. For those interested David Lange was opposed to abortion (one reason that Helen Clark and he did not get on according to Bassett's book). Should the young confident women of voting age in 1984 not have voted Labour?