Jun 14, 2008

Does Grant Robertson Believe Rudd Was Right Not To Consult New Zealand On His "New" Idea?

Interesting post from Grant Robertson (we did actually link to the WSJ article in question and the author's background is clearly stated at the bottom of the WSJ article, but then "Attack, attack, attack -never defend, admit nothing, deny everything, launch counter attack" is not just a Winston Peters strategy). It is not clear from Grant what he thinks about the fact that Rudd did not think it necessary to consult with New Zealand before going public on his plan. Is being a bit quick out of the starting blocks a reference to this?

We will do a separate post on "attack, attack etc". But since we are sporting types we refer Grant to page 57 of the June 2 issue of the New Yorker. There may still be a copy at Magnetix or Borders, should Grant not subscribe.