Jun 2, 2008

Small Analyses The Green Dilemma

On Page B5 of today's Dominion Post Vernon Small does the type of in depth analysis of the Green Party's position that we were expecting of the NZ Herald. No doubt the article will go on line some time today. Small looks at the implications of the last two opinion polls for the Greens. His conclusion is that they are basically positive. The Greens do best when Labour is in trouble.

We agree fully with Small that the Green's anti-Fonterra positioning makes it impossible for a deal to be done with National. So the current game play over who the Greens would enter post-election negotiations with is a nonsense.

What no one is analysing right now is what this really means for the relationship between the Greens and Labour up until the election. Will the Greens really have the balls to vote no on the ETS?