Jun 2, 2008

More On The Green Attack On Labour

This is more like it from the NZ Herald. Some decent analysis of the Green's position. The reason they are attacking Labour more than National is that the Greens are starting to peel away votes from the far left of the Labour support. Consolidating this support will be critical to getting over 5%. And Red Russel wants to be in Parliament very much.

Dr Norman singled out Labour for particular criticism, accusing it of betraying the principled stance it had taken over issues such as the Springbok tour and the nuclear-free policy.
"Keeping nuclear ships and Springbok rugby teams out were brave moves, and split the country. Labour showed leadership and in both cases it did the right thing. Principle triumphed through politics.
"Now, with the biggest moral issue of our time, Labour has lost its guts. Principle has surrendered to politics."
Dr Norman also accused the Government of giving dairy and other farming groups too much say over policies to clean polluted waterways and of failing to make progress.