Jun 8, 2008

Rod Oram: Politician In Waiting???

We have been holding off posting on today's opinion piece by Rod Oram in the SST as we wanted to give an electronic link. We were also hopeful that a letter from Catherine Beard of the Greenhouse Policy Coalition would also come available to share. In summary Beard thinks that a previous article by Oram misses the point. Oram had a great time on World Environment Day and he has a crack at the Major Electricity Users Group, Greenhouse Policy Coalition and Business New Zealand.

Does anyone think that Rod is contemplating a political career? We know Labour are searching around for someone like him for the list this time. But even if he misses this time, he could enter in 2011 and be a real force for 2014. Oram is extremely bright, articulate and has huge exposure. And he is clearly strongly committed to the cause.

Sorry David Cunliffe, Phil Goff, and Andrew Little, for just ruining your weekends.