Jun 1, 2008

The Poll Results

Two polls out tonight - One News and TV3.

Remember all the confidence amongst the left that the Fairfax poll was rogue - well have a look at One News

National 55%
Labour 29%
Green 7%
NZ First 4.4%
Maori 2.5%
ACT 1.2%

Preferred PM Key 36% Clark 28% Peters 6%

Things are a bit better for Labour on the other channel but still bad, with National going up and Labour down. The TV3 result

National 50% (up 2)
Labour 35% (down 3)
Green 5.8%
NZ First 3.9
Maori 2%
ACT 2%
United 0.2%

Preferred PM Key 35% Clark 29%

What does this mean - disaster for Labour? One News reckon that this is the biggest drop in support in 7 years.

The second poll showing Labour below 30% will also start the leadership talk again. Both TV channels are suggesting that the PM is part of the problem.

These results may also increase tension between members of the current coalition. Green and NZ First seem to be taking Labour votes. The week ahead is going to be an interesting one.