Jun 11, 2008

Has Dalziel Stuffed Up? Maybe Not

Last night we posed this question in the context of the pleasant surprise of the announcement of a new consultation round on the settlement systems bill. Today we comment that Dalziel did possibly make a mistake in taking this issue to Cabinet before full consultation, but yesterday's announcement demonstrates that Dalziel is prepared to take note of the strong concern that was raised by business groups and she is prepared to allow a new consultation to occur. This is in sharp contrast to a colleague who is even prepared to make major changes to a bill that was only half way through a select committee process and not allow even those who have submitted, let alone the wider population, to submit on the changed regime. We are of course referring to the emissions trading scheme.

So we say well done Lianne, but Lianne, how did your officials think they might get away with rushing this legislation through? This issue also raises major questions about how a vested interest could come so close to having rules written by Government to suit them.