Jun 10, 2008

Has Dalziel Stuffed Up?

An interesting press statement was issued by Minister of Commerce Lianne Dalziel today. It looked innocuous enough and might pass beneath the radar screen (we hope a read of tomorrow's media proves this wrong).

The statement begins

Commerce Minister Lianne Dalziel wants to provide the public with further opportunities to have input on issues raised during consultation on proposed changes to the New Zealand regime for clearing and settlement systems.

Pretty boring really? Read to the bottom

The proposed Bill also contains provisions about emission units and futures exchanges. The government is currently considering options that will focus the Bill more appropriately on settlement system designation. Further information on the consultation process will be made available in due course.
The discussion document and an earlier draft Bill, called the Emissions Units, Settlement Systems, and Futures Bill, that were consulted on earlier this year, can be found along with copies of submissions on the Ministry of Economic Development

Getting more interesting?

Now have a read of these submissions. Note the comments on the submissions process being rushed and who is driving this process:

Solid Energy
Greenhouse Policy Coalition
Major Electricity Users Group
Motor Trade Association
Australian Stock Exchange

Getting even more interesting?????

The Hive welcomes the renewed consultation on this very important legislation. But we have serious questions about the process run so far. Where is the National Party on this? And why are journalists not all over this?