May 21, 2008

Yet More On Goff

From Audrey Young in today's NZ Herald. We agree fully with her conclusions though she understates the level of Cunliffe's ambition - he spends every waking moment and probably his dreamtime thinking about the leadership

Labour's caucus closed ranks last night and no MP the Herald spoke to was prepared to criticise Mr Goff.
But what happens after the election has been the subject of much internal discussion in Labour for months.
Mr Goff is seen as Helen Clark's likely successor if Labour loses badly.
Steve Maharey was once seen as a contender from the left, but he is retiring to become vice-chancellor of Massey University.
Trevor Mallard's prospects have faded over the past two years as controversies have enveloped him.
David Cunliffe is thought to have leadership ambitions as well but is inexperienced and may stand more of a show as deputy.