May 20, 2008

More On Goff

Just watched the full Goff interview on Alt TV.

We think he did well. Answered the stupid questions on China human rights and trade very well.

He did a good loyal job as a senior Minister. but he realistically accepted that defeat is possible and acknowledged the possibility that he might, if he thought he was the best candidate, put his name forward as leader. Who can object to that? He seemed extremely staunch in his support of the PM in the run up to the election.

The only downsides were his adulation of that prat Nicky Hager, and his reviving the content of an MFAT cable reporting on a Brash conversation. We can't recall John Key being party to that report. But the point is that Government should not use this type of info for political purposes. It makes it difficult for public servants to do their job properly.

We also thought it a bit cruel to tar Roger Kerr with the Wishart brush. The NZBR has its heart in the right place. It genuinely believes in a better New Zealand. We can't recall Hlen Clark, Michael Cullen, or Phil Goff resigning from a Government of which they were a part, and which had a somewhat more radical policy platform than some of what the NZBR are today advocating. In that context the Michael Bassett history “Working with David: Inside the Lange Cabinet” is going to be very interesting.

Verdict on Goff Gaff - Goff did well. His credentials as Leader in waiting have grown. Will this impact on the election result? Not much if at all. Is the media beating things up a little? Yes. Did Goff gaff in anyway - no.

What interests us is how a left leaning TV channel leaked this in advance of the scheduled viewing. They certainly will see a ratings boost. Is this just about money and being able to charge Frank more for the next show? Maybe. Or is this a further sign of a rift in the left. We don't know exactly what was leaked - NBR's Ben Thomas appears to have been the first to pick this up. How did he get the interview and did he get the whole interview? The controversy is over the final 2% of the interview. If everyone had seen the full interview would they have seen things as being of the same significance as some in the media are suggesting? Possibly not.