Jan 20, 2008

What Today's Primary Results Mean

The Hive view is that McCain's win is very significant. If he can win Florida he will be near impossible to beat. Huckabee had his best chance post Iowa to win today. The fact that he didn't when so many voters were evangelical Christians is very significant. The next few races will be much tougher for him. Don 't read much into Romney's win in Nevada. He was given a free pass by the others and there were lots of Mormon s voting.

Clinton can be well pleased with her win, particularly her ability to mobilise and
secure the female vote.

But what do the experts say? We are so lucky with our time zone. The Sunday morning edition of the New York Times is just out.

The McCain win is analysed by Michael Cooper and Megan Thee. Hillary's win is analysed by Jeff Zeleny and Jennifer Steinhauer. And Adam Nagourney analyses thee overall state of play.