Jan 16, 2008

An Open Letter To Not PC

Not PC on Monday criticised The Hive, Poneke, and Quest For Security for comments we all made about ACT Vice President Trevor Loudon. Amongst other things Not PC suggests that we are newer blogs seeking attention and that we had our facts wrong. He expected better from The Hive and Poneke.

Is it The Hive that has facts wrong?? Or were we not simply pointing out that Loudon has facts wrong? Calling the NZ-China Friendship Society a "Communist front" is factually inaccurate in 2008. We believe in accuracy and justice, and Loudon's calling this group of well meaning people a "Communist front" seemed plain wrong. So we said so.

FYI Not PC , The Hive is not an attention seeking operation. And if we were to resort to the tactic of taking on an established blogger to get more attention we would not have taken on someone as fringe as Loudon or have supported a blog like Quest For Security. We note also that when placing the cursor over the link to Poneke one sees that it is the 12th most popular outgoing link from Not PC. Loudon comes in at 15th (we come in at 24 - for which many thanks, and Quest for Security comes in at 43rd). We suggest that you got Poneke's status as wrong as his motivation.

Also FYI we see some of Loudon's work to be valuable. It is for this reason that we suggest that he gets his facts right. By calling the NZ-China Friendship Society a "Communist front" he has undermined the credibility of everything else on his site New Zeal.