Jan 9, 2008

New Hampshire: Were The Polls Wrong?

We feel a bit like Colin Powell having used the term "slam dunk" and being proved wrong.

So were the polls wrong? No. The result for thee Republicans was pretty much in line with the polls. It was a slam dunk for McCain. And 24 hours out they were reflecting sentiment on the Democrat side. But extraordinary things happened in New Hampshire in the last day of campaigning, a demonstration of both the power of the Clinton machine, and wonderful politics. The Clinton machine delivered back the support that was lost in Iowa from registered Democrats (Bill himself became personally involved in areas where Obama support was surging). And Hillary delivered the master stroke. She showed just enough emotion to remind her core support of the strength of her feeling and the fact that she is a feeling human, not a machine. The effect was to bring back the female vote. It was enough. Just..

Well the race is on for both parties. This is one of the most interesting contests since we started following on these races. That is almost 50 years.

More to come.