Jan 9, 2008

New Hampshire: Latest Analysis In From The New York Times

Today's edition of the New York Times is just up on line. There are three must read articles:

An overview by Patrick Healy and Michael Cooper.

Adam Nagourney analyses how Clinton won. Does he read The Hive?

Most strikingly for Mrs. Clinton, women in New Hampshire did what they did not do in Iowa: rally behind her. Women supported her by 47 percent to 34 percent, according to a survey of voters leaving the polls; women voters in Iowa had been evenly divided between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Clinton campaigned in the final days of the contest with her daughter, Chelsea. She emphasized her sex in a debate of the candidates on Saturday night, in which John. Edwards, who placed third here, and Mr. Obama joined forces in attacking her. And in a gripping moment shown repeatedly on television on Monday night, Mrs. Clinton appeared momentarily overtaken by emotion when a questioner asked how she was enduring the strains of the campaign.

And Michael Luo looks at what the McCain victory means for the Republican race.

The next showdown will be on Jan. 15 in Michigan, a vast state struggling with a recession and the loss of manufacturing jobs. It is where Mitt Romney was born and reared, and many still fondly remember his late father, George, a three-term governor. Mr. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, will fly there on Wednesday afternoon, with his aides saying the state has become his fire wall.

But his campaign has clearly been crippled by a second loss, this time in a state where he even has a vacation home.

Mr. McCain, who will also go to Michigan on Wednesday, is looking to finish off Mr. Romney there. In 2000, Mr. McCain defeated
George W. Bush in Michigan, largely on the strength of support from independents and Democrats who switched over to vote for him.
Already, the McCain campaign has seen a tremendous uptick in its fund-raising, going from $20,000 a day on the Internet to well over $100,000, and raising a million dollars this month alone.

As you can tell, The Hive team is loving this race.