Jan 20, 2008

Early Lead For McCain In SC

Why is South Carolina seen as so important for the Republican race? Ever since 1980, the winner of South Carolina has been the Republican nominee for President. This was where the McCain campaign faltered last time he was looking strong. He really has to win this time.

So what are the early results from today's vote showing? Just 1% of votes are in, but it is looking OK for McCain. In line with the polling he has the lead - 38% to Huckabee's 23%. Romney is third on 18%.

Update 2.19pm McCain still leads on 36% after 21% of vote counted. Hickabee is second on 28%.

Update 2.42pm things are getting closer - McCain on 34%, Huckabee 30%. Romney now in 4th place. 40% of votes in.